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Lectures in Lleida and Agramunt

Antoni Tolmos gave the conferences of conclusion of the academic course of the University Extension Classrooms of Lleida on June 4 and Agramunt on the 19th of the same. In his interventions Antoni Tolmos spoke about music, life and emotions, all illustrated with...

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Antoni Tolmos, institucional proclamation in Lleida

On May 10, within the framework of the Major Festivals of May of Lleida 2019 and in the space of the plenary hall of the town hall, Antoni Tolmos offered the institutional proclamation that gave a starting point to the Local Festivities. Antoni Tolmos spoke about his...

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Interview with Antroni Tolmos

Cristina Montgai. Lleida. Music is his passion. Without any doubt. And this thing that unwittingly entered his life, feels very much and very young. Even now, fortunately for all, he is still the rudder in his day to day. So much that, in addition to being its...

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Antoni Tolmos in the Theater Ateneu of Tárrega

AnAntoni Tolmos offered his show "Energy" at the Ateneu Theater in Tàrrega on Saturday, January 26. An absolute plenary session with more than 500 people who enjoyed the repertoire of the CD Energy that the pianist recorded in Florence in 2016. In this event, the 50th...

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Antoni Tolmos in Premis Culturàlia

Antoni Tolmos offered his speech "The music that looks at me" as a conclusion of the Culturàlia Awards held at the Ateneu de Tàrrega Theater. In this act, the Culturàlia 2018 Prizes were awarded to the Manuel de Pedrolo Foundation, the writer Sergi Pàmies, the...

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Antoni Tolmos publishes UNIVERSE

The pianist Antoni Tolmos publishes his eleventh album entitled "Universe" on December 8, 2018. A work that marks a point and apart in the latest record jobs. On this occasion, his piano is one of the instruments that the musician has recorded in his own studio. A...

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No Surrender Festival

The video clip of the second edition of the No Surrender Festival held on June 30 in Vilanova de Bellpuig (Lleida) is published. The No Surrender Festival is a tribute festival to Bruce Springsteen where more than 1000 musicians and under the musical direction of...

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“Truca el Nadal” new production

Antoni Tomos has presented the fifth release of the "Nadales Tolmos" project. "Truca el Nadal" is the new Christmas song sung by Clàudia Corell, eleven years old, award for the best soloist 2017 of the Nadales Tolmos competition. The song has lyrics by Enric Falguera...

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The journalist Beatriz Vivar has interviewed Antoni Tolmos for Radio Hermes of Argentina. In the interview, a review is made of the trajectory of the pianist and composer, focusing on the importance of music in the way of being and showing oneself to others.  ...

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Ponència TEDx

Antoni Tolmos offered the talks "The music that looks at me" in the framework of the 2018 edition of the TEDx Lleida. The composer from Lleida spoke of the importance of music in the lives of people and the great value it has to have quality of life especially...

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Music, synonymous with quality of life.

The magazine Maria Padilla Style has published the interview with Antoni Tolmos on the occasion of the concert that he offered to Barcelona in the chapel of the Conciliar Seminary. The event was framed within the 15th anniversary of the Hospitality Foundation.

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Conference in Barcelona

Antoni Tolmos offered the conference "Music and its educational function" at the Manyanet Les Corts School in Barcelona this past Wednesday, June 20, 2018. The Manyanet Les Corts School is a pioneering center and stands out for its commitment for many years to believe...

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Concerts Energy in Barcelona and Cambrils

Antoni Tolmos has offered two more concerts this week of his CD Energy. They have been to the Chapel of the Conciliar Seminary of Barcelona on the 22nd on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Hospitality Foundation and the Auditorium of the Crypt of Cambrils on...

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Antoni Tolmos “Gran Persona de Lleida 2018”

Antoni Tolmos has received the "Gran Persona de Lleida 2018" award for his artistic career and social commitment granted annually by the institution "TEl armats Lleida". He received the prize of the councilor of Lleida City Council Paco Cerdà.

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“Identitat Sonora” Antoni Tolmos & Xavi Calderó

“Identitat Sonora” is a documentary created by Antoni Tolmos and Xavi Calderó on it talks about the importance of music in the life of people and the magic of transporting us in the time. https://antonitolmos.com/edicio/identitat-sonora-documental/  

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Concert Antoni Tolmos in Balaguer

Antoni Tolmos offered on Sunday December 3 a concert at the Municipal Theater of Balaguer with the content of his current album Energy. CD that he recorded last year at the Officina Sonora studios in Florence in Italy.

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Mamapop 2017

With the theme of "Hollywood" and under the musical direction of Antoni Tolmos was filled on Saturday 25N on two occasions the Auditorium Enric Granados de Lleida. More than 1,500 people attended the fourth installment of the charity gala "mamapop", which is destined...

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Lecture in Almacelles

Antoni Tolmos offered on September 28 the conference "The music of life" within the programming of the University Extension of Almacellas.

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Official Video Festival No Surrender

In August 2017 the official video clip of the "No Surrender Festival" was held in Vilanova de Bellpuig on 8 July. More than 1000 musicians at the time and under the direction of Antoni Tolmos interpreted the song "No Surrender" of Bruce Springsteen.

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Antoni Tolmos in Rialp

Antoni Tolmos offered his "Energy" concert on August 5th at 22:30 in the church of Rialp in the framework of the Festival of Music of Vila de Rialp 2017. The CD Energy was recorded in Italy in 2016 and maintains the intimate line of Tolmos' previous work "The New Age...

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Education. The only way.

Antoni Tolmos offered the speech of Graduation of new teachers of the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Social Work of the University of Lleida. In the act Antoni Tolmos spoke about the importance of Education and combined it with holographic projections.

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Musical Rubab

The Llotja Theater was the scene where more than 1000 people could see the reissue of the Musical Rubab, with libretto by Ramon Molins and original music by Antoni Tolmos. The show had the technical production of the "Intèrpret Productions" directed by Alfons Pérez.

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Graduació Lestonnac 2017

Antoni Tolmos held on Friday May 19 the graduation speech as a sponsor of the baccalaureate promotion of the College Lestonnac de Lleida. He encouraged them to start their new life stage with maximum illusion and energy.

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No surrender Festival

Antoni Tolmos is the artistic director of the "No Surrender Festival" to be held on 7 and 8 July 2017 in Vilanova de Bellpuig (Lleida). The most outstanding event of the Festival will be the audio and video recording of the song "No surrender" of Bruce Springsteen...

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Concert in Tremp

Antoni Tolmos gave yerterday 23th of April the Energy concert in the Teatre La Lira of Tremp, where he played all his CD recorded recently in Italy.

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Diari Ara – Criatures

Antoni Tolmos talks about the importance of musical education in the supplement "Criatures" of "Ara Journal". In the publication he insists on how the practice of music develops the different areas of the brain that allow children to be more productive in the...

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“El teu nom” (A. Tolmos)

Antoni Tolmos has published these days the video of the song "El teu nom". This song is the vocal version of Sara from the CD "The new age piano album". This time, he has had the singer and actress Carla Gardenyes. EL TEU NOM (A. Tolmos) Voldria cantar les notes més...

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Awards Ciutat de Cornellà

Antoni Tolmos did the musical direction in the show "Premis Ciutat de Cornellà 2017". he was sharing escenario with the musicians Roser Loscos (violin), Jaume Olivé (bass) Andi Simon Fernández (flute).

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Speech in Girona

Last Tuesday, Antoni Tolmos gave in Girona his speech "Life's music".  He spoke about importance of music in the several life steps.

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Concert a Mora d’Ebre

Antoni Tolmos will give a concert of his CD Energy in the Teatre Municipal La Llanterna de Mora d'Ebre. It will be this Saturday 18 of Marx at 22h. +info & tickets in the l'Ajuntament de Móra d'Ebre from 10 to 14 h. tel. 606361273

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Concert CD Energy in Lleida

Antoni Tolmos has presented its new Energy CD in the city of Lleida. The Enric Granados Auditorium hosted on December 16 in concert which is the 10th album by the Catalan pianist recorded at Officina Sonora Studios in Italy.

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Concert CD Energy a Barcelona

Antoni Tolmos has presented his last CD work for piano Energy in Barcelona. The concert, who is celebrated in the Centre Cívic Pere Pruna, is  inclouded in the Catalan composers cycle.

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video clip “Where are the caresses?”

"Where are the caresses?" (CD Energy. A. Tolmos) Children who grow without smiles. Families that never celebrate anything. Impotence. Black and white images. And more impotence. Photographs that photojournalist Sandra Balsells should never have met. Music that should...

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Video Clip “Sigh no more”

New video clip with another theme Energy CD, "Sigh no more", sigh no more. Dedicated to all the people who play in real time where time no stops and where you always face it with positive energy. With the participation of Laia Llobera, Rosa Sanchez, Albert Calzada,...

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New Christmas production

Within the projected "Nadales Tolmos" has been released these days the new production "Nadal al teu costat", the voice is Mariona Escoda, winner 2015. Also participated musicians of the conservatory the "L'nterpret" of Lleida. Working materials, sheet music and audio...

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CD Energy is published

Antoni Tolmos presents these days his tenth album. The CD "Energy" has been recorded in the studios Oficcina Sonora Florence in Italy. He maintains the intimate line of his previous album "The new age piano album" recorded in London with reflection sounds i seeking...

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El CD “Energy” is recorded in Italy

Antoni Tolmos Florence recorded his new album "Energy" in Florence. It was in the "Officina Sonora" with Lawrence Fancelli. This work, the tenth of the pianist, will be released in autumn this year.

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Concert in Flix

Antoni Tolmos offers a concert to the Theatre La Unió of Flix the 30 of April of 2016 with the content of his CD "The new age piano album".

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The adventure of creating

Antoni Tolmos has taught the master class "The adventure of creating" the Institute of Caparrella of Lleida. The talk was aimed at young visual artists who have been able to delve into the creative mechanisms of the brain and how we can strengthen them,

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Next concert in Flix

The Saturday 30 of Abril to the 20:30h Antoni Tolmos will offer a concert to the Theatre of Flix with his CD "The New Age Piano Album". It Will be one of the last occasions to listen this work, given that this 2016 Antoni Tolmos will edit the CD Energy. +info Of the...

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Antoni Tolmos & Lorena Gómez

Antoni Tolmos collaborated with his piano in the concert that the singer Lorena Gomez offered at Teatro La Llotja de Lleida. A show attended by about a thousand people who could listen to the best songs of the Catalan artist winner of the sixth edition of "Operación...

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Ponència al IDA

Antoni Tolmos va oferir la poència "Escoltar, imaginar i decidir"  sobre com la música ens dispara la imaginació, la sensibilitat i la creativitat. Va ser aquest passat dissabte a l'IDA, Incubadora d'empreses d'Innovació Agrometalúrgica a Bell-lloch i organitzades per...

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Concert al Teatre Atlàntida de Vic

Antoni Tolmos va oferir el dimecres 16 de Desembre un recital a Vic amb el contingut del seu darrer disc "The new age piano album". El prop d'un miler d'assistents va poder escoltar també les explicacions del pianista català parlant d'emocions i creant una gran...

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Acte de nomenament del Doctor Oriol Saña

Antoni Tolmos ha estat membre, juntament amb el Dr.Ballester i Dr.Borràs, del Tribunal que ha nomenat al reconegut violinista Oriol Saña com a nou Doctor Universitari. La defensa de la Tesi Doctoral es va dur a terme el passat divendres 11 de Desembre a la Facultat de...

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Èxit mamapop 2015

El mamapop 2015 omple dues vegades l'auditori Enric Granados de Lleida. Sota la direcció d'Antoni Tolmos, una tretena de músics i cantants van recordar les cançons més emblemàtiques de la història del cinema. Els beneficis aniran cap a la recerca del càncer de mama....

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Nou CD de Círculo de Borneo

Antoni Tolmos ha realitzat la producció musical del disc "El incansable finalista" de Círculo de Borneo. Cançó d'autor amb arranjaments pop i interpretat per un quintet clàssic. Magistrals lletres de Joan Magrí i música i arranjaments de Josep M. Porté. + info

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Concurs Nadala Tolmos 2015

Nova edició del Concurs de Nadales Tolmos per a joves de 10 a 16 anys. En sortirà el/la solista de la Nadala del 2016. Per a més informació i bases del concurs nadales.antonitolmos.com

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Mama Pop 2ª Edició

14 de Novembre - Auditori Enric Granados de Lleida - Mama Pop (2ª edició). Dues sessions 19h i 22h Un concert amb les millors cançons del cinema de tots els temps: El guardaespaldas, Titanic, Flashdance, Dirty *Dancing, Ghost, Oficial y caballero... amb una orquestra...

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Antoni Tolmos a la Seu Vella de Lleida

Antoni Tolmos aconsegueix omplir de públic la nau central de la Seu Vella en el concert que ha ofert dins del Festival Concòrdia de música per a la pau. El pianista va interpretar les obres del seu disc "The New Age Piano Album" amb un públic entregat als seus sons...

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Antoni Tolmos en les Jornades CREA

Antoni Tolmos en les Jornades Crea 2015 de l'Associació Professional de Teatre, on ha parlat amb els professionals del Teatre sobre la importància de la música original i real en les produccions teatrals.

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Projecte per a TV

Antoni Tolmos dirigeix i presenta un nou procecte per a televisió que ha estat enregistrat aquests dies a Badalona i Barcelona.

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Curs sobre rendiment artístic

"Desperta el geni que hi ha dins teu" és el curs que Antoni Tolmos oferirà del 6 al 10 de Juliol al Centre Doceo-Training de Lleida juntament amb Gorka Bartolomé i estarà adreçat a l'àmbit artístic i educatiu. Descarrega pdf informatiu

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Discurs de graduació a la Llotja de Lleida

Antoni Tolmos va oferir el 22 de Maig el discurs de graduació com a padrí de la promoció 2011-2015 de la Titulació de Mestre en Educació Infantil de la Universitat de Lleida. Enllaç a galería de fotos.

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Concert i conferència a Polònia

16 de Maig de 2015 LUBIN Polònia Conferència dins les Jornades de Neuropsicologia "La música com a conexió emocional" + Concert "The New Age Piano Album"

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Edició CD per a Zum Zum Teatre

L'obra de teatre "La nena que vivia en una capsa de sabates" de Ramon Molins, veurà l'edició en CD de totes les músiques i cançons de l'espectacle interpretades per Lleidart Ensemble i composades per Antoni Tolmos i Begonya Ferrer. La gravació s'ha dut a terme als...

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Converses Down. Com sona la teva vida?

Que la música està present en totes la vides i en totes les cultures és alguna cosa tan cert com a imprescindible alhora. Però saber com sona la nostra existència pot ser una aventura realment fascinant. Com afirma Rolando Benenzón, a propòsit de la Identitat Sonora...

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Amb Lleidart Ensemble

L'orquestra Lleidart Ensemble ha enregistrat la música original d'Antoni Tolmos per a l'obra de Teatre "La nena que vivia en una capsa de sabates" de la cia Zum Zum teatre i dirigida per Ramon Molins. La gravació s'ha dut a terme als Estudis l'Intèrpret de la ciutat...

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Formació en Coaching

Antoni Tolmos ha participat com a professor convidat al curs "Expert Universitari en Coaching" organitzat per la Universitat de Lleida i dirigit per Gorka Bartolomé.

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Mama Pop 2014

Antoni Tolmos fa la direcció musical de l'espectacle Mama Pop 2014 amb la finalitat de recaptar fons per a la recerca del càncer de mama. L'estrena, sota la producció del Drac Màgic,  es va fer a l'auditori Enric Granados de Lleida el 29 de novembre de 2014 dirigint...

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  • 25-03-2018 Concert Energy. Piano. La Cripta. Cambrils 19:30h
  • 16-04-2018 Conference. Institut de la Caparrella. Lleida 18:30h
  • 16 and 17-05-2018 Conference. 17:30h Universidad de Lleida.
  • 01-06-2018 Conference TEDx LLEIDA
  • 10-06-2018 Test No Surrender Kids. Musical Director. Vilanova de Bellpuig
  • 30-06-2018 Festival No Surrender. Musical Director. Vilanova de Bellpuig
  • 20-06-2018 Conference “Music and its education role” Escola Manyanet les Corts 19:30h Barcelona
  • 02 to 04-07-2018 Course “The music industry. How does it work?” University of Lleida
  • 15-09-2018 Fira Taral.la New Christmas Production Granollers
  • 09-10-2018 Colloquium about the film “Music of silence” Espai Funàtic” 18:30h Lleida
  • 24-10-2018 Conference “Music, emotions and technology” Internacional Congres EDUTEC Lleida
  • 10-11-2018 Concert Mamapop. Musical Direction. Lleida Auditori Enric Granados.
  • 24-11-2018 Conference. “The music that looks at me” Premis Culturàlia Tàrrega
  • 15-12-2018 Concert Choir Veus.kat.  Collaboration “Truca el Nadal” Auditori de Lleida
  • 26-01-2019 Concert Energy. Piano. Teatre Ateneu. Tàrrega 21h 
  • 09-02-2019 Concert Mamapop. Musical Direction. Andorra. Palau de Congresos
  • 17-02-2019 Posa’t la Gorra Lleida. Act Presentor Seu Vella Lleida. De 10h a 14h
  • 26-04-2019 Concert Energy. Piano. Esglèsia Sant Miquel. Alcoletge
  • 10-05-2019 Local Holiday Proclamation. City Council of Lleida. +info
  • 21-05-2019 Speech Pint of science. Cafè del teatre 19h . Lleida +info
  • 19-05-2019 Jury in the Music Contest “Moros i Cristians de Lleida”. Pl. Sant Joan 12h
  • 04-06-2019 Conference 17:30h Universidad de Lleida.
  • 19-06-2019 Conference “The music of life” 17h Agramunt
  • 29-06-2019 Festival No Surrender III. Musical Direction. Vilanova de Bellpuig +info
  • 04-07-2019 VIII Multidisciplinary International Conference on Educational Research. University of Lleida. +info
  • 03-08-2019 Concert Universe. COU Centre Obersvació de l’Universe 22h. Àger +info
  • 11-12-2019 Concert “Boleros i cançons d’amor” Piano. Auditori Enric Granados de Lleida 21h



The pianist Antoni Tolmos will publish his eleventh album entitled “Universe” on December 8, 2018. A work that marks a point and apart in the latest record jobs. On this occasion, his piano is one of the instruments that the musician has recorded in his own studio. A lover of guitars, keyboards and samplers, Antoni Tolmos has created a very broad and cinematically inspired instrument texture inspired by  the universe.

Songs such as “Cosmos”, “Universe”, “Heart”, “Hirundines”, “Eternity”, “Essence” and “Krous” make up the UNIVERSE work that only has distribution in digital on-line format. It is visible on commercial platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, etc.


  • Antoni Tolmos  Piano – Keyboards –Electric Guitar –Acustic Guitar –Spanish Guitar–Electric Bass – Samplers
  • Recording & Mixing Antoni Tolmos in Tolmusic
  • Mastering Josep M. Bossa in Bossa Records
  • Vídeo Clip “Cosmos” Manuel Mira Music Videos
  • Moon Picture Henrick Adamsson (NASA)


CD ENERGY (2016)

The CD “Energy” has been recorded in the Oficcina Sonora studies of Florence in Italy. He maintains the intimate line of his previous album “The new age piano album” recorded in London and it invites to the reflection and emotional connection.

As happened in his previous work recorded at Air Studios in London, Antoni Tolmos looking for spaces where I can find peace and inspiration needed to translate their music in a natural way and full of intensity. The studies “Officina Sonora bigallo” Florence located in space have been recording this album where Antoni Tolmos used a Steinway B piano all under production and mastering of renowned Italian American sound engineer Lawrence Fancelli.


antoni-tolmos biografia

“learn to listen to the silence and enjoy the music fully”

antoni tolmos - partitures ENERGY


E-BOOK PDF – 15,00 €

1 pdf file, 56 pages. Download immediatly

Scores for piano – CD ‘Energy’: Like a bird, Your ocean, Everthing can change, Second chance, A while with you, Road toguther, Ethnic love (en dues tonalitats), Sigh no more, Memories i Where are the caresses.

antoni tolmos - partitures The New Age Piano Album


EBOOK PDF – 15,00 €

1 file, 64 pages. Download immediatly

Scores for piano CD ‘The New Age Piano Album’: Serenity, Kindness, Sara, Sara (G version), White Breeze, So Close, Forgotten Letters, The First Rose, Old Feel, The Absence’s Sound, Barcarolle, Sort (bonus score).

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