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CD & Scores “PIANO INTERIOR”.  Antoni Tolmos (2022-2023)

“PIANO INTERIOR” is published every first Friday of the month between July 2022 and may 2023. Teen compositions with the warm piano sound that invite reflection and personal growth.

Each of the compositions is accompanied by a motivational text where invites you to delve into your thoughts, providing a value that seeks to go beyond simple musical listening.

I accompany you.

10 piano scores “PIANO INTERIOR“.

An only pdf of 56 pages. Immediate download.  17,99€  14,99€

01 EN PAZ. Antoni Tolmos

You know that moment when you suddenly feel at peace? And do you think that perhaps that is what they call happiness? Well, at that moment, I create a song.

And now that you can listen to it, I would like you to think if you have had a moment of peace today. If so, how has it been?

And if not, recreate your moment of peace in these three minutes.​


02 REFLEXIÓN. Antoni Tolmos

Prepare the song to listen to it in silence. In front of a mirror. Don’t dress up or put on makeup. You will only see yourself.

The song plays and you have three minutes to look into each other’s eyes. To the hair. To the mouth. At your hands

Give thanks.


03 TU SECRETO. Antoni Tolmos

Many people talk about you.
Fewer people know about you.
And only you know your secret.
while listening to this song
think about your secret.

04 LA BELLEZA DE SOÑAR. Antoni Tolmos

Dreaming is what you can keep doing

when you wake up.

05 TU MEJOR ESCENARIO. Antoni Tolmos

This song is the B.S.O of my new book «Your best scenario. 12 keys to acting in public and in life».
You can listen and see it in the promotional video of this publication.

In addition, his score is included in Vol.1 of this work «Piano interior»


This song is inspired by Alba Pirla’s book “Calle Maranyosa nº12” and by all the characters, real as life, that she has met in her day-to-day life as a social worker. “Cicatrices invisibles” (Invisible scars), marks of life that are not seen and that each of them carry under their skin.

«A la lavadora de Paco, a Alexandra, a esa otra Alexandra y sin olvidarme de todas las Alexandras, a Pepe y su cinta VHS (la de su boda), a María, esa mujer maravillosa que empeñó las joyas de su comunión, a Edurne, la malagueña, al abuelo infiltrado, al tozudo de Enrique, y a Hafid el joven nadie…»


07 EL ALMA AMA. Antoni Tolmos

They say that the soul gives us the ability to think and feel.
And love.

Listen to this work. Silent. in there You will feel your soul.
The soul loves.

08 TRAS LA VENTANA. Antoni Tolmos

Looking through the window you see where you would like to go.

But the glass, even being transparent, prevents you.


Tras la ventana

09 LA SOMBRA DE TU ÁRBOL. Antoni Tolmos

Like a tree, you grow up looking for the light.
Like its roots, you grow downward looking for firmness.
Like its shadow, you protect yourself from the heat of living.

10 PEQUEÑAS COSAS. Antoni Tolmos

Little details, little looks, little dreams,
Little wishes, little secrets.
Little things

With this work I close the Interior piano Album. Released single to single for 10 months.
Between July 2022 and June 2023.
Thanks for listening.

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